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Inatec allocates C$3.8 million to equip a building confiscated from La Prensa

Regime allocates almost 90 thousand dollars to reactivate the printing press confiscated from La Prensa

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo ordered the National Technological Institute (Inatec) to recondition and equip the facilities confiscated from the newspaper La Prensa. On the site they installed the “José Coronel Urtecho Cultural and Polytechnic Center”, which is administered by the state entity.

According to Resolution No. 13-2023 of Inatec, published in La Gaceta No. 54 of this Thursday, March 23, 2023, the tender amounts to 3 million 816 thousand 893.55 córdobas and was awarded to the company “Redes y Circuitos”, the only bidder that appeared.

The contract is for the “Acquisition of equipment, supplies and materials for the Art and Culture Specialty at the José Coronel Urtecho Cultural and Polytechnic Center”. The award was made under a “selective modality” and on an “urgency” basis.

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The purchase ordered by Inatec was by “simplified contracting”, a very recurring procedure in state institutions and municipalities to benefit certain companies that are state suppliers, eliminating the possibility of studying other proposals for the same inputs.

On February 13, 3.25 million córdobas were also allocated “urgently” to provide maintenance to the machines of the printing press occupied in August 2021 to the newspaper La Prensa.

Through the administrative resolution published in The Gazette On Monday, February 13, the dictatorship expresses that the printing equipment will be used to reproduce the material that the center requires for its work.

The newspaper’s machinery also had the capacity to produce books in large quantities, so they could be used in the same way to provide services to the Ministry of Education (Mined).

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