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National Prosecutor promotes protocol for the delivery of information to municipalities after controversy over “narco-house” in Florida

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The demolition of a house in the commune of La Florida continues to mark the political agenda: faced with this, the highest representative of the Public Ministry, Angel Valenciamet with the National Association of Prosecutors to define a channel that regulates the delivery of information from the persecutors to the municipalities, in a context in which the political forces of both the ruling party and the opposition parties and the government have agreed to unite efforts to address the security and crime challenges facing the country.

The purpose of the meeting held in Valparaíso was to discuss the position of the Public Ministry regarding the current constituent process. However, after the communication exchanges between the National Prosecutor and the mayor of La Florida, Rudolph Carter (former UDI), the problem of the summary announced within the Public Ministry was addressed.

This will seek to indicate whether there were irregularities in the delivery of information from the Prosecutor’s Office to the municipality of the commune of the south-eastern sector of Santiago. The property, located in the Los Quillayes sector, was classified as an irregular extension.

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In this context, the members of the association referred to the exposure that the summary implies for the prosecutor involved, Ernest Navarrowho provided the municipality with the information that led to the fourth demolition of the house indicated as belonging to drug traffickers.

For its part, Valencia has indicated that the summary has the purpose of clarifying the procedure with which the information was delivered to the municipality, since this corresponds to an investigation still in progress. Along the same lines, the persecutor pointed out that “neither the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office nor the National Prosecutor’s Office exposed the prosecutor, but his name came out in the morning, on the news, and even an email was shown.”

According to the president of the Association of National Prosecutors, Francisco Bravoin Thirdthere is reserved information about the causes that must be kept secret to protect those who denounce: “there is a concern to protect the people who denounce the crimes and also our concern, and we expressed it to the national prosecutor, for security of the prosecutors.”

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