Inameh: Estas son las condiciones meteorológicas para este viernes 16OCT

Inameh forecasts rains with electric shocks in much of the country

Venezuela dawns with rapidly evolving convective nuclei, producers of rain with electrical activity in Zulia, Trujillo, Llanos Occidentales, Sucre, Delta Amacuro, Amazonas and Bolívar.

The information was released through a publication on the social network Twitter @INAMEH, where it was reported that the rest of the country can be seen with fragmented cloud cover.

In the same way, in an audiovisual it mentions that the tropical wave 18 in its displacement from the east to the center of the country interacts in the Intertropical Convergence Zone, generating abundant cloudiness with rains, electrical activity and gusts of winds in Zulia, Los Andes, Western Plains and Centrals; North Coastal Center, Delta Amacuro, Amazonas, Bolívar and El Essequibo.

Likewise, it reports that the rest of the national territory will remain partly cloudy with possible scattered rains and drizzles.


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