Government analyzes ‘Evo complies’ program; Morales attacks the press

Government analyzes 'Evo complies' program; Morales attacks the press

July 14, 2023, 4:00 AM

July 14, 2023, 4:00 AM

Two days after a journalistic investigation revealed economic losses within the Bolivia Cambia program, Evo Cumple, the former president and head of the MAS, Evo Morales, disqualified this work and affirmed that this is about “justifying an accusation and political persecution” against him.

On his side, in the Vice Ministry of Institutional Transparency analyze the report to then announce whether or not to initiate legal action against those responsible for the economic damage to the State.

“The Vice Ministry of Transparency is evaluating this report. We have proposed to the country a risk management law and among the sources (of denunciation) we clearly identify the work of the press. We recognize your value and professional work and what corresponds is to analyze that report and if there is evidence and indications of criminal responsibility, we will initiate the actions that are necessary ”, informed the Minister of Justice, Iván Lima.

The investigation carried out by Acceso Investigativo and Connectas, in alliance with Erbol, El País and EL DEBER, revealed that during the validity of the program carried out in the Morales government, due to the way in which the contracts were awarded and executed, it caused losses to the State of at least Bs 102 million ($us 14.7 million).

In addition, it was found that a group of 20 companies, some of them businessmen close to the ruling party and political allies at key moments in the Legislature, were favored with million-dollar contracts. However, many of these works were abandoned, unfinished, oversized or with structural and even design flaws.

In this context, Morales used his Twitter account to disqualify this work and alert its militants that a campaign “of right-wing operators to oust him” has begun. “The attacks against the Bolivia Cambia, Evo Comple program with biased and distorted data are intended to justify an accusation and political persecution that they try to use as the basis for a judicial attack or ‘lawfare,'” wrote the MAS leader.

The National Press Association (ANP) rejected the former president’s accusationswho questioned the investigation and said that “they use a journalistic company that defends coup leaders and some allied media to accuse us politically.”

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