Inameh forecasts 75 tropical waves for this 2022

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh) predicted 75 tropical waves for this year, however on Monday, May 16 of the current year, the first wave passed, said the president of the organization, Colonel José Pereira.

During a telephone contact through the Venezolana de Televisión Newscast, the president of Inameh, Jose Pereiraexpressed: “Do not rule out a rapidly evolving cloud with rain in the afternoon hours.”

He also pointed out that this Tuesday nine storms are expected associated with the convergence zone in the main rain system in our Essequibo, as well as in the south of Amazonas, Bolívar and Apure, as well as in the Cordillera Zone, in Lake Maracaibo. and Orinoco Delta.

He explained that rainfall began in a large part of the national territory, remaining continuously in Los Llanos Occidentales, Guárico, Amazonas, Bolívar.

Likewise, Colonel Pereira added, that progressively at the end of May of the current year, it will arrive in the area of ​​Los Llanos and in June it will be established throughout the national territory.

Similarly, he asserted that they are deployed together with the Meteorological Early Warning System, as well as the Risk Management System, activated throughout the country, emphasizing monitoring in the area of ​​Lake Maracaibo, Sierra de Perijá, as well as the Andean Cordillera.

Given the above, he specified that these precipitations are due to the climate crisis, due to global warming.


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