“Inabie cambió: ya no es mesa para buitres”

“Inabie has changed: it is no longer a table for vultures”

The director of the National Institute of Student Welfare (Inabie), Victor Castroreiterated yesterday that the bidding process to supply school breakfast and lunch is carried out in accordance with the specifications required by the institution, since the objective is to provide the best service to students.

“Inabie had traditionally become the great table where the vultures’ dinner is served, and I understand the nervousness of many actors who are now not going to find that table served,” he said.

He assured that the inabi has changed and with it all the actors that influence the institution have to change, so, he indicated, the door is open for those who reach the processes to compete, but with quality and compliance.

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Castro offered these statements when announcing that the institution began the process of awarding the 1,340 suppliers that will be able to supply lunch to the Extended Day centers.

He noted that a total of 2,177 providers for the 1,340 lots available, which shows a surplus of 837 offers.

“The lots are limited and therefore do not cover the total number of bidders as is natural in any bidding process. Regarding the offers presented, we looked for those that adhered to the specifications with the aim of providing the best service to the students”, assured Castro.

He said that for this bidding process, clear criteria were established so that the award was not the product of the will, “cronyism” or camaraderie of the Purchasing Committee.

“We wanted the same process to tell us who had the best conditions to be awarded,” explained the official, who indicated that the institution is in the process of cleaning up and combating “lobbying” practices and payment of bribes.

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