Ignacio Alonso: Uruguay “intends opening and final”

The president of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), Ignacio Alonso, gave an interview with 100% Deporte de Sport 890, about the organization of the world of 2030 in Uruguay together with other nations.

“The pandemic stopped the dynamic of meetings that we had been having. The four candidacies stopped: ours, that of Portugal and Spain, that of England and that of China”, began by expressing Ignacio Alonso. Later he stated that “at this meeting the reactivation of the candidacy was going to be presented to the world, with a name and design and with the consolidation of governance.” “Start with a strong message,” he assured.

“Uruguay has always stated that they want the opening and the final” and “by changing the format of the World Cups, we are also going to think of a series, so there will be another stadium.”

However “it is not defined, it is an aspiration to be the fundamental reason.” Argentina presents itself as the contender to host one of the two matches, but “it has been the result of conversation between both countries, but it has not been decided. Uruguay has the foundations to be able to aspire”.

By FIFA regulations, the stadiums to receive the final must have a capacity for 80,000 spectators, to which Alonso comments that “the Centennial Stadium has the capacity to expand and the other possibility is that it be reformed so that it reaches 80”. At the beginning, “Paraguay and Uruguay competed with two stadiums, Chile with five and Argentina with seven”, but “now we have to see it because each country will see what it can offer in the face of FIFA regulations”.

Uruguay wants World Cup

“It is very preliminary to say where the second stadium is going to be, if it is going to be inside, in what area, if it already exists or if it is remodeled or new,” Alonso said.

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