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In Tijuana, 30 Russians seeking shelter in the US

Mireya Cuellar

The Baja California Journey

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, March 18, 2022, p. 5

Tijuana, BC., A group of 30 Russian migrants set up a camp at the San Ysidro international crossing, waiting to receive the consent of the United States to enter that country as refugees. Children, couples and older adults use cots, umbrellas, lounge chairs, blankets and strollers in their makeshift camp, a few steps from the line that dozens of people make every day to go to their jobs in that country.

Unlike the Ukrainians, who have been accepted, a border agent informed them yesterday that Russians are not subject to receiving the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) announced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on March 3 for migrants. Ukrainians.

They came out and told us that there is no chance for us Russians to get in through TPS protection. Three Ukrainians arrived today and were immediately let through. There’s no reason to keep us waitingnoted a Russian citizen.

We are also going through a war, we have been there for four days, we are around 30 people from Russia, including children and a pregnant woman, it is not a very large number, I think we will be able to solve itexpressed the European migrant.

Although the United States government has already informed them that it will not give them shelter, they do not want to move from the place. Almost all say they have come to Mexico as tourists to places like Cancun or the country’s capital, and have decided to stay while the war continues. Although the Tijuana government offered them refuge, they refused.

An avalanche of Russians and Ukrainians have arrived at this border, the local authority says 20 on average each day.

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