During the week, 1,925 new cases of COVID were detected and there were 10 deaths

In the week there were 1844 new cases of COVID and 5 deaths

According to the epidemiological report distributed by the Departmental Health Directorate (DDS), in the period from 08/07/2022 to 08/13/2022, 1,844 new cases and 5 deaths with a positive result for COVID-19 were detected in the country.

From the start of the pandemic to 08/13/2022 there are 975,264 cases and 7,429 deaths with a positive result for COVID-19. The active cases until 08/13/2022 are 1,664.

During the week, a total of 16,950 tests were carried out and the percentage of positive cases was 10.9%.

As of 08/13/2022, there are 3.2% of ICU beds occupied by COVID-19.

To date, 6 people are hospitalized with positive COVID-19 in the department: 1 in the CTI of a private provider, 4 in the public provider room and 1 in the CTI of a public provider.

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