In the middle of the Sacta case, Del Castillo excuses himself from presenting a report in the Legislative

In the middle of the Sacta case, Del Castillo excuses himself from presenting a report in the Legislative

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In the midst of the controversy over the alleged cover-up of drug trafficking in Valle Sacta, in the Cochabamba tropics, the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, excused himself from appearing in a commission of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly to provide a report on citizen security.

This has been denounced by one of the legislators requesting legislative oversight, the deputy of We Believe María René Álvarez, on her Facebook.

“Del Castillo excuses himself from appearing at the verification scheduled for tomorrow, not because he has a so-called ‘Cabinet’ just that day, but because he fears responding given the circumstances in which he is implicated as an accessory to drug trafficking, according to what his boss, the president, cynically denounced. of the surplus coca producers of the Chapare”, wrote the legislator.

The message was published along with two notes referring to this procedure. In one of them, which is addressed to President Luis Arce, Del Castillo argues that he is requesting to reschedule the appointment due to cabinet meetings.

“In that sense, the minister either does not know what to answer and/or is afraid to answer on drug trafficking issues because he knows he is involved; and he also knows that what he answers may be forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office and used against him, ”added Álvarez.

On Monday, former President Evo Morales denounced an alleged cover-up of drug trafficking in the Chapare. He presented audio evidence and announced a criminal lawsuit.

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This Tuesday, the Vice Minister of Social Defense and Controlled Substances, Jaime Mamani, ordered the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking (Felcn), led by José María Velasco, a reinforced patrol in that region. During the intervention, the agents found four drug factories.

In the meantime, a former head of Umopar denounced the national director of that force in the Prosecutor’s Office for allegedly ordering him to stop an anti-drug operation.

In his lawsuit, he revealed that Deputy Minister Mamani and Colonel Velasco were aware of the case and the order. After claiming him, they decided to change him.

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