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In the middle of Christmas, 37 Cubans manage to land on Florida beaches

In the middle of Christmas, 37 Cubans manage to land on Florida beaches

on the raft With God’s blessing 15 Cubans arrived in Florida this Sunday. According to the chief officer of the Border Patrol, Walter Slosar, these migrants left the island through Matanzas and disembarked at five in the morning at Playa Clave Colonia, Marathon. They were transferred to an immigration station, where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate “credible fear.”

The disembarkation took place the same day that another 22 natives of Matanzas shared a video in which they reported that after a 23-hour journey they reached the American dream. “Look, gentleman, we are here, everyone is fine,” one of the rafters is heard in the material uploaded to their social networks by journalist Mario J. Pentón. “No problem, just one lumberjack and already here Twenty-four hours and we’re all good. All good family, we did it, damn it.”

These two groups of Cubans add to the landings last Friday of three rafts with 47 people. Officer Slosar shared the images of the boats that he needed, they were located in South Florida. Of the migrants, he did not offer more details.

All these rafters who managed to set foot on American soil will have the opportunity to present their case before the judge. If their arguments are convincing, they can post a bond and apply for asylum. In the best of cases, they are released and given a document that legalizes their entry into the country.

According to data from the Coast Guard, he increased patrols by sea and on Friday prevented a raft with several Cubans from reaching the Florida Keys. Since October 1, this dependency has cut short the dream of 1,724 residents on the island.

This weekend, the general director of Consular Affairs and Attention to Cubans Resident Abroad of the Ministry, Ernesto Soberón, confirmed that the Government of the Bahamas will repatriate based on the “agreement to the protocols established for 125 rafters” that ” found in the centers designated to receive irregular migrants”.

Soberón stressed through his Twitter accountthat this year the Bahamas has repatriated “644 Cuban irregular migrants” and announced that consular support has been provided to these people.

On Thursday the Royal Bahamas Defense Force detained four Cubans on a small island. They were transported in a speedboat from the agency to Ragged Island, “where they will be handed over to the necessary agencies for further processing,” it said. detailed in statement.

In Mexico, the flow of Cubans does not stop either. This Sunday, a coyote who was transporting 22 migrants, including two children, from Cuba, Colombia and the Dominican Republic was arrested in the municipality of García, Nuevo León state. The undocumented were handed over to agents of the National Institute of Migration. Last Thursday another coyote was arrested transported four Cubans in vehicle. The authorities intercepted the car in the municipality of Linares in the state itself.

These frustrated attempts by Cubans to reach the border states of Mexico with the United States occur in the same week that it was announced that the Border Patrol registered from October 1, 2021 to November of this year, the arrival of 224,607 compatriots.

In that period, 73,000 migrants who escaped from the authorities were reported across the border, the journalist from foxnewsBill Melugin.

the reporter of News Nation Network, Ali Bradley documented the passage through Yuma (Arizona) of 300 migrants, including several Cubans. “They crossed into Yuma with the help of a smuggler, including handing over money and hitting him with their fists,” she said. “Vehicle after vehicle lined up and unloaded along the highway in Mexico and moments later groups emerged from the brush.”


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