In Saipina, platform of the Cochabamba-Santa Cruz highway collapses

In Saipina, platform of the Cochabamba-Santa Cruz highway collapses

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In the municipality of Saipina, near the Taperas bridge, the platform of the highway that connects Cochabamba with Santa Cruz collapsed and dozens of travelers are looking for a way to cross the road. The Bolivian Highway Administrator (ABC) attributed the collapse to the rains and the flooding of the Mizque River.

“At the moment we have an incident in Cochabamba, where the sinking of the platform occurred in the Aiquile-La Palizada sector and in the vineyard sector, Taperas bridge. There was sinking of the platform and sliding of the material on the platform, due to extraordinary rains and flooding of the Mizque River. At this time there is passability on one road and until noon there will be complete passability, ”said the suggestive ABC Technician, Juan Carlos Hidalgo, this Friday.

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The people who made their way through the place uploaded videos to social networks, in which it is seen that they give each other ways to avoid the holes, since the road was as if it had eroded, it is seen all cracked. Loaded with suitcases, packages, people avoid all the slipped material.

Hidalgo affirmed that in general some restrictions were registered in the regions of Tarija, Beni, Pando and La Paz, in the latter in the Chulumani-Sacambaya sector.

“Our rain plan has been a success because we have access to the entire fundamental road network, we have equipment, machinery and personnel that intervene in these places,” he added.

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