In Peru, Castillo is in trouble due to the summit called by Evo

In Peru, Castillo is in trouble due to the summit called by Evo

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Vladimir Cerrón, top leader of Peru Libre, an official party, assured that the Runasur meeting in Cusco was not suspended and that former Bolivian president Evo Morales, who was declared a person not welcome by a congressional commission, will be escorted from his entry to Peru .

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Meanwhile, there are rejections or pronouncements regarding a possible visit by Morales. The presidents of three legislative commissions asked President Pedro Castillo not to be part of the risk that this “interference” implies for their national security. Former senior commanders of the Armed Forces also spoke.

“Runasur has not been canceled or suspended, as reported by the media. The truth is that it is under evaluation, so far everything continues as before, waiting for the arrival of Evo Morales. The South will escort him from his entry, ”Cerrón tweeted.

Runasur’s appointment is scheduled for December 20 and 21. Morales is the main driver.

José Cueto, president of the Intelligence Commission, Ernesto Bustamante, president of the Foreign Relations Commission and José Williams Zapata, president of the Defense commission, issued a statement in which they ask Castillo not to be part of “this risk to national security ”of Peru and they ask him to declare Morales a person not welcome.

In the signed document they point out that Morales’ objective is “it is a geopolitical project, which seeks control of Peruvian natural resources such as copper, lithium and uranium, as well as a sovereign outlet to the sea for Bolivia, to the detriment of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Peru ”.

More than 60 former senior commanders of the Armed Forces of Peru issued a statement in which they expressed their rejection of “the continued interference” of Morales and the call he made for the Runasur meeting.

“The sole international convocation of the Cusco meeting promoted by a foreign citizen, without a statement from the national authorities, implies an unacceptable interference and interference,” they assure, according to the statement released by Peru 21.

The statement was added to the letter signed by former foreign ministers and former vice chancellors of Peru in rejection of the Runasur meeting.

On the other hand, on Sunday, the newspaper El Comercio published an editorial in which it questions that the Castillo government “has not said a word.”

“His silence is no longer just worrying; it’s shocking. If this level of interference does not merit a pronouncement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a decided response from the rest of the public apparatus, all notion of responsibility for the tasks assigned to them to defend the interests of the homeland has already been lost ”, he says.

Contradictions around Runasur’s quote

On Saturday, Rogelio Rivas, one of the organizers of the Runasur meeting, first said that the meeting in Cusco was suspended due to various factors, including the declaration of Evo Morales as a person not welcome made by the Foreign Relations Commission of the Peruvian congress, according to La República.

However, after making statements to Peru 21, Rivas himself indicated that the meeting will take place, as planned, although he mentioned that Morales’ attendance “is to be seen.”

“We are still evaluating the arrival of the former president and we are going to do everything possible to get him to Cusco and develop the event. (…) I spoke with Morales yesterday and he feels worried, ”said Rivas.

The Foreign Relations Commission declared Morales persona not grata on November 22.

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