Año Nuevo 2023

In Oceania, Europe and Asia it is already 2023… Colombia is preparing to receive the new year

New Year celebrations have even ended in some parts of the world, with Kiribati the first to welcome 2023.

New Year’s celebrations are even over in some parts of the world, Kiribati, in the Pacific Ocean, the first to welcomel 2023.

Colombian News.

In Colombia, people at 6 pm on December 31 are still working, running to shop, preparing dinner; in hairdressers, grocery stores, to try to get everything ready and bid farewell to the old year and celebrate 2023, the new year, which has already arrived in various parts of the world.

Kiribati, in the Pacific Ocean, was the first to welcome the new year, followed by New Zealand an hour later. The Islands of New Guinea and other areas.

The same has been done by Australia, in Oceania, in Asia, and in Europe they are still celebrating.

Part of the world is already in the new year, in Latin America some countries will receive it this Sunday an hour earlier or an hour later than Colombia.

In North America they are also preparing to welcome 2023.

This time, without a health crisis due to a virus, but with the expectation of wars and other tensions in bilateral relations, the world economy.

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