In November, industry production was 4.5%

In November, industry production was 4.5%

In November 2022, the production of the Colombian industry stood at 4.5%. This was reported by Dane, explaining, in addition, that real sales stood at 3.8% and employed personnel increased 2.7%.

(Draw industry and commerce?: in August they grew to a single digit).

“Of the 39 industrial activities represented by the survey, a total of 24 registered positive variations in their real production, adding 6.7 percentage points to the total annual variation, and 15 subsectors with negative variations subtracted a total of 2.2 percentage points from the total variation”, says the report.

(In the first semester, industry grew 17.3%, and trade 18.2%).

In the course of the year until November 2022, manufacturing activity presented a variation of 11.8%, real sales of 11.1% and employed personnel of 4.4%.

On the other hand, during the last twelve months until November 2022, real production increased 11.9%, while real sales increased 11.2% and employed personnel grew 4.5%.


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