AC against Jackson: Minister Uriarte accuses Republicans of “political bias”

The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Ana Lya Uriarteaddressed the constitutional accusation against the head of Social Development, Giorgio Jackson, promoted by the Republican Party. In this regard, he accused a “political bias” of that community.

in conversation with Radio CooperativeUriarte commented that he met with Jackson’s defense attorney, Claudia Sarmiento. “She stressed, once again, the fact that the minister has fulfilled his duties,” said the Secretary of State.

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“Regarding the former official (Patricia Hidalgo) to which the minister is accused of having exerted pressure on her, in fact the official herself pointed out that she did not speak with the minister in relation to these pressures, ”he added.

“As for the fact that the minister would have accused him of committing a crime, this is not effective either, because what was pointed out by people from the ministry itself is that this person would not have filed a complaint in a timely manner,” he added. .

Along these lines, he maintained that “we are talking about a series of events that, on the part of the Republican Party, have had a reading that, coming from the political bias against the Government of President Boric and politically contrary, of course, to Minister Jackson, it has been charged or is intended to be attributed a responsibility that it does not have.

In addition, he pointed out that the Republican Party, in the accusation, “acts rather from a political perspective, diverging from President Boric, much more than from a legal and objective point of view.”

Lastly, she said she was “not at all calm” in the face of the accusatory libel. “I will be the minute the constitutional charge has been rejected,” she said.

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