IN GALLERIES: New looks at Cuban cinema (+ WORKS)

In the didactic room on the second floor of the Cuban Art building of the National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) there are posters of significant films of Cuban cinema, authored by important creators of the visual arts… and by adolescents who participate in the workshops offered by the institution.

Cinema is an inspiration and starting point for interesting works that honor the extraordinary tradition of Cuban poster art. at the exhibition multiple looksmore than punctual aesthetic realizations, the creative impulse matters (wherever it comes from) and the always rich dialogue between the audiovisual, design and plastic arts.

That is why pieces by true masters coexist without traumas with works of delicious and highly suggestive spontaneity.

The experimental graphics workshop that the artist Alexis Leyva Machado, Kcho, equipped on the ground floor of the building, made it possible to print the prints that are exhibited in the exhibition, to which are added works from a workshop from 2018 that also stimulated the creation of children and adolescents from the national filmography: The designed memory.

They are new approaches to the national film heritage promoted by the MNBA’s commitment: the meeting of artists with their potential audience.

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