In Ecuador the Instagram scammer is around

At least 12 women have been scammed by this man, who has several accounts on the Instagram social network.

If he is abroad Tinder scammerin Ecuador is around instagram scammera man who has cheated on at least 12 women, who identify him as William Von Bullowbut also as David Rizo or Henryamong other names with which he had more than one profile on this social network.

adriana isazafrom Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, told TC Television that he met the man at the beginning of this 2022.

Isaza showed voice notes of the man who speaks at times as an Ecuadorian, but others as an Argentine.

The woman started a relationship with the scammer, so they saw each other frequently, but on March 9, 2022 they had an argument and he physically assaulted her.

It was there that she reported him to the Prosecutor’s Office (she will render her version in April 2022) and exposed it on social networks, without expecting that other women would recognize it, but with other names and other presumed nationalities.

Before this fact, Isaza installed it in her house and allowed her to use her car as she pleased, while she traveled.

A German ‘trucho’

Instagram scammer told women he was supposed to be born in Germany, but raised in Argentina; while he told others that he was the son of a millionaire in Ecuador.

Despite saying he was born in Germany, was once exposedwith Edith (another victim), a teacher whose mother is German, who, wanting to speak in that language, he realized that the man did not understand anything.

Another woman said that he held he gave her an engagement ringbut then found out that the ring had been a gift from an ex-girlfriend that the Instagram scammer asked for her mother. (AVV)

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