En una riña intendente de la Policía fue quemado y torturado por su esposa

In a fight, the police mayor was burned and attacked by his wife

The mayor was sleeping in his home when his partner, according to the person affected, threw hot water on his legs.

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An outrageous case of domestic violence against a police officer was recorded in the last few hours in Los Mayales, Valledupar.

This is the uniformed Alberto Fabio Páez, 47 years old who was brutally assaulted by his sentimental partner.

They point out that the events occurred when the mayor was sleeping in his home.

They state that from one moment to another his wife threw hot water on his legs and began to attack him.

In the midst of the situation, the uniformed officer called the patrol to ask them for a personal favor, which required their presence at his home.

Upon arrival at the scene, the victim’s wife allowed entry and they found Páez injured with stab wounds to the neck, chest and forearm, as well as burns to his legs.

Immediately, the police officers transferred him to the Santa Isabel Clinic, where he told the doctors that his wife had assaulted him.

Sijín units went to the scene and, through the investigation, some neighbors told them that a fight had broken out inside the couple’s home.

On the other hand, it was learned that the woman had wounds on her hands and bruises on her neck, for which the authorities initially classified this case as domestic violence, which was investigated.

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