In 24 hours, Brazil records 216 deaths from covid-19

In 24 hours, Brazil records 216 deaths from covid-19

Brazil recorded 652,143 deaths caused by complications associated with covid-19. From yesterday (5) to today (6), 216 deaths were recorded.In 24 hours, Brazil records 216 deaths from covid-19

There are still 3,124 deaths under investigation. Investigative deaths occur due to the fact that there are cases in which the patient died, but the investigation if the cause was covid-19 still requires further tests and procedures.

The sum of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic reached 29,049,013. In 24 hours, 15,961 positive diagnoses for covid-19 were confirmed.

The number of cases under follow-up is 1,398,499. The term is given to designate cases notified in the last 14 days that were not discharged or progressed to death.

To date, 27,058,371 people have recovered from Covid-19. The number corresponds to 92.9% of those infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

The data are in the daily balance sheet of the Ministry of Health, released this Sunday. It consolidates the information sent by municipal and state health departments on cases and deaths associated with covid-19.

The numbers are generally lower on Sundays, Mondays or the days following holidays due to the reduction of teams to feed the data. On Tuesdays and two days after public holidays, there are usually more daily records due to the accumulation of updated data.

Epidemiological Bulletin

Epidemiological Bulletin – 06/03/2022/Disclosure/ Ministry of Health


According to the balance of the Ministry of Health, at the top of the ranking of states with the most deaths from covid-19 recorded so far are São Paulo (165,288), Rio de Janeiro (71,956), Minas Gerais (59,984), Paraná (42,477) and Rio Grande do Sul (38,495).

The states with the fewest deaths resulting from the pandemic are Acre (1,980), Amapá (2,113), Roraima (2,137), Tocantins (4,112) and Sergipe (6,268).


To date, 380 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 have been applied, 170 million with the first dose and 146 million with the second dose or single dose. Another 56.9 million people have already received the booster dose.

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