In 2021, credits in the country increased 42%

In 2021, credits in the country increased 42%

After two years of pandemic, Data Credit Experian conducted a study of the behavior of credit in the country and said that these reached a total of $205.8 billion, a figure that compared to 2020 had an increase of 42%.

Compared to 2019, loans grew by 16%, reaching amounts even better than those achieved in the pre-pandemic, the firm said.

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In this way, for Clariana Carreño Country Manager of DataCrédito Experian “the different entities with the capacity to grant credit, in 2021 approved 10.5 million additional obligations to those disbursed in 2020, with a transactional boom of 39%. This growth even reflects an improvement in the number of operations compared to pre-pandemic figures, with an increase of 9% compared to 2019; Well, before the arrival of Covid-19, around 34.6 million operations were presented. Already for the year 2020, when the arrival of the pandemic had the strongest impact, 27.1 million operations were carried out, presenting a drop of 22%”.

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For Santiago Rodríguez, professor at the Universidad de los Andes, it is appreciated that the largest number of operations occurred in the intermediate agess (36-45 years) with about 9 million operations.


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