In 16 days they will begin reconstruction of roads in Lídice de Capira, it will cost 1 million 900 thousand dollars

The Lídice-Capira highway reconstruction project will have an approved cost of 1,900,000.00 balboas, information that was confirmed by the mayor of Capira, Jorge Ramos.

“That street has already approved 1 million 900 thousand. The request that was made to the Minister of Public Works (MOP) is so that with that money the works of the streets begin; as long as the issue of the addendum can be resolved along the way and the minister decided that it was going to be that way. It is only presenting the change of activities to the Comptroller’s Office because there were other activities assigned” reported the mayor.

He added that the new plan has already been presented to the Comptroller’s Office and it is expected that in approximately 16 days the project can start.

This Wednesday, inspections were also carried out indicating that there are other street and bridge projects that need to be completed for the benefit of the community in general. All this occurs after last Friday, residents of the area held protests and demonstrations, closing the Pan-American Highway at the height of Capira, demanding that the MOP begin the reconstruction of this highway as soon as possible.

Likewise, the MOP, members of the civil society of Lídice and the company that tendered for this reconstruction project, carried out an inspection of the road and the drainage, making sure that these do not damage the streets later.

“They are going to collaborate with us with a palliative repair while they start construction, they are helping us with the recycled material that remains in the town for the surrounding streets and secondary streets, this as a result of the struggles that we have had these days” he declared. Davis Degae, one of its leaders.

It is expected that the works could begin once the inspections are completed. On the other hand, the leaders emphasized that they are in a state of alert until the repairs begin.

Writing by Nancy Pretto

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