Cenidh denounces the illegalization of 25 NGOs: "It is a direct attack on the right to defend human rights"

Cenidh calls the massive cancellation of NGOs a “crime and perverse action”

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) described as “a crime” the massive cancellation of legal entities to civil society organizations in Nicaragua. So far in 2022, the Daniel Ortega regime has outlawed more than 250 NGOs.

The organism, in releasepoints out that with these repressive actions the administration of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo is promoting a “destruction of the social fabric” in the country.

He highlights that the Ortega dictatorship with the illegalizations “not only violates the right to freedom of association, but also disrupts the individual level, since the direct victims of these perverse actions are the people who were benefited by the support of the NGOs now destroyed. ».

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«How many boys, girls, adolescents were left without education, without the possibility of receiving medical care, food, without the right to recreation? Who will smile back at them? How many are no longer going to know or develop their intellectual capacities, through art, culture, language? How many young people at risk will return to the homeless and to the street?”, questioned the Cenidh.

“And the organizations that defend human rights that are so needed today? How many women have been left defenseless, without the opportunity to heal, empower themselves, come together, assert their rights? And our forests, our bodies of water, our indigenous peoples, who is going to defend them? », He continued.

According to the Cenidh, with this repressive action the Ortega dictatorship deepens open and covert unemployment in Nicaragua, due to the fact that thousands of people are “thrown into unemployment, hunger, into the informal sector of the economy.”

“The most serious thing is that the destruction continues, today (June 1) a new bill was introduced to outlaw 96 other non-profit organizations. How many more are needed?” he stressed.

Ortega sends to locate “co-directors” in four state institutions. Image: Article 66.

In addition, he assured that the Ortega-Murillo regime intends to “dismantle Nicaraguan society and provoke the destruction of the social fabric with the aim of concentrating and strengthening its dictatorship, monopolizing international cooperation and using it to continue repressing.”

The National Assembly, controlled by Ortega, since the end of 2018 has canceled more than 300 NGOs alleging that they have “transgressed and failed to comply with their obligations” before the law, for which they “hinder the control and surveillance” of the General Directorate of Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations.

“We call on the population not to allow more abuses against our rights, it is time to deepen the fight,” the entity concluded.

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