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Illegal mining can be reported to 1-800 Crime

En el último año se han desarticulado 21 organizaciones ilícitas de minería ilegal.

All the information provided will be reserved, according to the authorities. During 2021, the Police have arrested 204 people engaged in this activity.

The Ministry of Government announced that from this December 23, 2021 the toll free 1-800 Crime for citizens to make complaints and deliver information about illegal minery.

According to the authorities, the entire information That is provided through that line will be reserved, in order to protect the safety and integrity of whoever makes the report.

In a statement, it was assured that the Police, through the National Unit for the Investigation of Crimes Against the Environment and Nature (Upma-Inv), works to confront criminal organizations dedicated to the illegal minery.

These organizations produce great effects on nature and society, such as those that occurred in the urban areas of Zaruma, in recent days.

In that city, indiscriminate exploitation in the subsoil has been carried out by the so-called “sableros”. In a clandestine way, especially during the night and early morning, they have extracted minerals within the exclusion zone through the use of explosives, blastholes and other implements.

Ramiro de la Cruz, head of the Upma-Inv, stressed that this activity illegal is linked to criminal organizations that anti-technically extract minerals, especially gold, in order to commercialize it in a illegal.

“For the National Police it is essential that citizens collaborate with our work, reporting in time the presence of people or groups that are engaging in this crime. It is very important that you deliver information real so that we can intervene effectively, “he said.

At the same time, the Ministry of Government assured that the Comprehensive Containment Plan has been drawn up for control, investigation, monitoring and ordering in the area.

So far in 2021, the Police have arrested 204 people and dismantled 21 organizations dedicated to the crime of illegal minery. In addition, 112 operations have been carried out nationwide.

The illegal minery generates considerable environmental damage and millionaire economic losses every year. (JS)


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