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Iguazú Falls register flow 10 times greater than usual

The flow of the Falls reached Wednesday night 14.5 million liters of water per second, after heavy rains in the Brazilian state of Paraná (south), Wemerson Augusto, the park’s communication coordinator, told AFP.

The considered flow normal is 1.5 million liters per second, Augusto specified, a situation that led to a preventive closure of the tourist walkway that gives access to the Devil’s throat, a set of jumps that make up the main attraction of the park.

The park was still open for visits, with the blocking of that walkway, whose structure was partially bathed by water on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, due to the increase in the flow of the Iguazú River, footbridges in the park on the Argentine side had already been closed.

Augusto explained that this phenomenon is “atypical” for the month of October.

The Civil Defense of Paraná reported on Wednesday that 24 municipalities were affected by “severe events”, with floods that left more than 1,200 evicted and almost 400 houses damaged.

The flow recorded this Wednesday in the Falls is the largest since June 2014, when 47 million liters per second were reported.

In June of this year the flow had reached 10 million liters, but it was not necessary to limit the circuit of the park.

The entrance Iguazú Falls register flow 10 times greater than usual was first published in diary TODAY.

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