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Ignorance ?, Without supervision while they put symbols of Nazi Germany ?, Video reveals how students of the Police in Tuluá organized the activity

At the rhythm of Pastor López, the Police students in Tuluá, Valle, organized the event that ended in an offense for Germany and Israel.

To the rhythm of Pastor López and holiday music, at the Simón Bolívar Police School, the students organized the event that ended in an offense for Germany and Israel, countries that have already spoken out.

Valley News.

The director of the Simón Bolívar Police School in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, was costed his position after the controversy over an exhibition with Nazi symbols and an apparent apology to Adolf Hitler’s Germany that unleashed World War II.

Those who made the exhibition were the students, however, officials and special guests did not draw attention to those ‘details’ either.

Germany Police Tuluá Valle
Adolf Hitler and even the “stigmatization of German Shepherd dogs” can be read in criticism on social networks.

Although, the day was pedagogical about Germany, and they put billboards and data on cultural activities, historical moments and even an Oktoberfest exhibition, the caricature of the Third Reich, unleashed a whole controversy.


During the week of internationalization, the students of the Police School were given the task of paying homage to Germany.

However, as they set up the stage and adorned the venue, it is unclear if there was no supervision from an officer to draw their attention to the Nazi symbology.

And it is that, although, if this dark and painful chapter could have been mentioned not only of the European country, but of the world, “it was not the form, and less a Hitler disguise or to put on the swastika on the uniformed ones”, they have been The critics.

Ignorance? For many, yes, and it would reveal the problems in educational quality within the National Police.

Did none of the students notice that mentioning Hitler in this way could trigger an offense? , apparently not.

The organization of the event was even done, to the rhythm of Pastor López and Christmas music, in a party atmosphere that hints, the students would not have done it with an open intention of Nazi apology.

The police apologized

The response of the Police is that this ‘recreation’ of that part of the history of Germany and the world was not consulted with the national leadership.

“In a mistaken and inconsistent way, today an educational activity on universal history was carried out at the ‘Simón Bolívar’ Police School, in which students from that police cloister recreated scenes alluding to the period of Nazi Germany”, they explained.

“These are facts that go against the institutional policy of absolute respect for human rights,” they said.

Because, “We strongly reject what happened.”

“The use of Nazi emblems and the caricature of the police uniform are unacceptable”, have rejected from the National Directorate of Schools of the National Police.

The director of the school in Tuluá, central Valle del Cauca, was removed from his position this Thursday.

«I will move to Tulua to do the appropriate checks at the school and take additional action. What happened is not part of our academic repertoire, ”Brigadier General Yackeline Navarro, national director of Police Schools, said this Friday on La FM.


Adolf Hitler’s costume, the swastika; The Nazi symbol that they put on the institution’s vehicles, on the walls and put on their uniforms, caused annoyance.

In addition, the use of the figure of an aircraft that was part of the Luftwaffe, generated strong rejection.

The Valley Police has not reported if there will be any kind of sanction for the students who made the charity of Nazi Germany, which caused the Second World War.

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