"If you do not qualify, a millionaire will not enter": The fortune that would escape the Colombian National Team if it does not go to Qatar

“If you do not qualify, a millionaire will not enter”: The fortune that would escape the Colombian National Team if it does not go to Qatar

Colombia selection. Photo: @antena2

The Selection still has a minimal chance of reaching the orbital appointment.

Colombia News.

Colombia lost its match against the Argentine National Team (1-0) and sees its possibility of qualifying for the Qatar 202 World Cup increasingly distant, although there is a remote possibility: Winning its two matches against Bolivia and Venezuela and waiting for Peru, Chile and Uruguay, do not add three in their next meetings.

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After this new setback, the ‘Tricolor’ is in seventh position with 17 points behind the sixth, which is Chile with 19 units. It is followed by Peru (5th) with 21 points and Uruguay in fourth place with 22 units.

Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador are already qualified for the orbital event.

Table of Positions of the South American Qualifiers.

The illusion of reaching Qatar is becoming more and more remote and the coffee fans are losing hope of being able to see their team again in the highest soccer competition in the world.

In addition to the sporting issue, if Colombia did not qualify for the World Cup, it would have an economic failure due to the non-arrival of the money that FIFA gives to the 32 teams that qualify for the competition.

It was learned that this year, Fifa allocated 1,696 million dollars for the tournament that will last a month in the Middle East, at the end of 2022.

Of that amount, 30% (440 million dollars) are for prizes for the teams that qualified.

According to data from the world past, that of Russia 2018, each selection could receive 2.3 percent of the 440 million dollars, that is, each classified would receive approximately 10 million dollars.

In that order of ideas, if the Colombian National Team is eliminated on the next date of the Qualifiers in the month of March, it would not receive close to 39 billion pesos.

Even the losses could be even greater, considering that each team that advances from the first round in the World Cup receives approximately 12 million dollars.

Another 18 million dollars if he reaches the Quarterfinals and thus advances in prize money to reach the semifinals and the final.

It is worth noting that Colombia’s next matches are against Bolivia on March 24 and on the 29th of the same month against Venezuela in Maracaibo.

“There is still a possibility and as long as there is hope there is life,” say the Colombian fans.

Cover photo: @antena2

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