"If I was president of the PLRA, today we already had a consensus presidential badge," said Llano

“If I was president of the PLRA, today we already had a consensus presidential badge,” said Llano

Apart from talking about the presidential badge that he would be achieving if he were the president of the PLRA, Senator Blas Llano attacked Efraín Alegre on Radio Ñanduti. “He bankrupted the Party and not even a kañy lender is going to lend money for the elections,” he said.

“He considers a liberal a political enemy who must be eliminated. He uses a double standard with a double standard. He is a habitual liar. He does not seek the unity of the Party and deepens the division”, he assured.

On councilors from the Liberal Party who supported the election of the interim governor in Central:
“The liberal councilors called and ordered by Efraín Alegre preferred to vote for a departmental councilor from the Añetete Movement who always accompanied Hugo Javier,” he said.

On pre-candidacies for the Presidency 2023:
“Clearly some are using the visibility that a presidential candidacy gives them to try to get into Parliament. For me, the only thing Soledad Núñez wants is to be vice president,” she commented.

Regarding possible pre-candidacy for the Presidency of Euclides Acevedo:
“It is an interesting candidacy. He’s not in the race yet. If she has real intentions she has to resign from the Chancellery now and start talking”, she said.

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