IDIF confirms that due to high blood pressure, José Luis Camacho cannot testify in La Paz

IDIF confirms that due to high blood pressure, José Luis Camacho cannot testify in La Paz

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The Forensic Research Institute (IDIF) determined this Thursday that José Luis Camacho Parada, father of the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, suffers from “systemic arterial hypertension, with continuous treatment”, so he does not have the conditions to testify in the city of La Paz for the “coup d’état” case.

According to a document issued by the Public Ministry, and disseminated by the journalist Agustín Zambrana, from Santa Cruz, the governor’s father was diagnosed with “systemic arterial hypertension with continuous control and treatment by specialty.”

In addition, in the conclusions he adds that he was diagnosed with a “disease of a chronic, oncological nature, with continuous treatment by specialty.”

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José Luis Camacho and Luis Fernando Camacho were summoned to testify on October 5 and 7, respectively, at the seat of government for the case denounced by the former representative of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) Lidia Patty.

However, the former civic leader argued health reasons that prevented him from traveling to the La Paz city, which is why his statement and that of the Santa Cruz governor were postponed.

The authorities awaited the results of the IDIF to determine where José Luis Camacho will give a statement.

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