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ICU occupancy reaches 60% in the entire public health system

ICU occupancy reaches 60% in the entire public health system

Although there has been a slight rebound in cases of Covid-19, the occupancy levels of beds and Intensive Care Units are lower than those registered at other times of the pandemic.

In its daily report on the occupation of Intensive Care Units (ICU), the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) posted on its official Twitter that, within its network of 24 hospitals, four have zero availability of ICU beds (Carlos Andrade Marín, Quito Sur, Teodoro Maldonado Carbo and Los Ceibos; while another has only three free beds for new patients (José Carrasco Arteaga).

However, doctors such as Luis Zurita, internist and rheumatologist, stressed that, for example, in the case of Teodoro Maldonado Carbo there is no Covid patient in the ICU, and the occupation of the IESS report is due to patients with other pathologies.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, in the entire social security system, ICU occupancy reaches 60%. That is, there are 52 occupied beds out of a total of 86.

In the case of hospitals under the responsibility of the ministry, 47% of ICUs are occupied, that is, 59 out of 125 available.

On the other hand, in the Complementary Private Network, the occupancy is 18%, which means 23 out of 131 available beds.

Through a statement, the IESS clarified that due to the considerable decrease in cases nationwide, thanks to the successful Vaccination Plan undertaken by the National Government, health facilities have gradually reduced the spaces allocated for Covid-19 and are strengthening their capacity of attention for patients who require the service in other specialties.

«The numbers of beds in ICU and hospitalization fluctuate depending on the demand of patients with other types of diseases and pathologies. It should be noted that hospitals have contingency plans to provide the necessary assistance in the event of any variation, “said the institution.

The authorities make a call for citizens to continue taking care of themselves, and recognize a rebound in cases, although in most cases they are mild and without serious complications.

The researcher Carlos Oporto, through his Twitter account, explained that although cases and hospitalizations in ICU are increasing in Ecuador, the incidence of Covid patients is 5 times less than the situation in August 2021; and 15 times less than April 2021.

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