IBCE suggests 4 measures for GDP to grow by 7%

IBCE suggests 4 measures for GDP to grow by 7%

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The Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE) recommends four measures for the country to reverse the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, to grow at rates of 7% per year and which should have exports as the central axis.

The president of IBCE, Demetrio Soruco, indicated that a policy of selective export promotion is required, focused on sectors of rapid reaction in investment, production and generation of surpluses, such as agriculture / agribusiness and forestry / timber.

“For this, free exportation and the full use of biotechnology in agriculture must be guaranteed; a policy of competitive import substitution, without overprotecting ”, he specified.

To this end, the purchase of ethanol by YPFB should be increased and the farmer should be given incentives to produce raw materials and the private sector to manufacture biodiesel as soon as possible.

A policy of frontal combat against smuggling is required, with a public-private alliance, involving all civil society, and a policy of incentives to consume the national product to recover the internal market. “With these four measures we can grow at a sustained 7% and generate hundreds of thousands of jobs,” he remarked.

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