IAD: entrega de títulos a productores del Sur, es un respaldo del gobierno

IAD: delivery of titles to producers in the South, it is a backing of the government

Neyba, Bahoruco: The general director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), Francis William Garcia affirmed that today’s delivery of 566 provisional titles to the same number of beneficiary families in the Bahoruco province is part of the policy of the Luis Abinader government, to support small and medium-sized agricultural producers in the southern region of the country.

The director of the IAD emphasized that actions such as the awarding of these titles come to a successful end after months of constant work to seek pertinent solutions to the problems raised, pointing out that it is the best way to build a homeland, precisely now that we are celebrating the Month of Homeland.

Guillermo García, when giving the main speech at the provisional title certificate delivery ceremony, with the presence of the President, said that the land where the beneficiary plots are located belong to the San Rafael sector, Batey Santana de Tamayo section, Bahoruco.

He explained that these Titles They cover an extension of 14,138 tasks, suitable for the cultivation of various items and include beneficiaries from the Guanarate, Santana, Los Conuquitos, Bayahonda and Vicente Noble areas, in Barahona. In addition, the communities of La Piedra, Las Tejas, Las Sábilas and Bateicito,

The official specified that the parceleros who obtained their provisional titles are located in the peasant settlement AC-550, José Francisco Peña Gómez, historical leader, who gave his life in defense of the marginalized of fortune in the Dominican Republic.

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“And it is not strange that this is the case, in a government headed by an outstanding disciple of Peña Gómez’s political thought,” assured Guillermo García.

He highlighted the great work carried out by the Land Collection and Distribution departments of the IAD, so that this delivery becomes a reality, always adhering to the cadastral laws that govern property in the country.

The director of the IAD recognized the collaboration throughout the process for the delivery of these provisional titles of Pablo Ulloa, the Ombudsman, along with Eliferbo Herasme, director of the Agroforestry Development Projects Executing Technical Unit.

He indicated that the property titles prepared and delivered during the January-December period of last year show that a total of 1,183 provisional titles were formalized in the different regional offices of the institution, granted to beneficiaries of various settlements.

Guillermo García maintained that in the line of the definitive titles delivered by the present Government of Luis Abinader exceed 20 thousand, while the goal for this year is at least 10,000, a higher range that today’s beneficiaries who show real interest in putting their plots into production must reach.

New settlements honor Frank Acosta Pérez with his name

The director of the IAD said he felt great joy at being the spokesman to surprise everyone that by decision of the institution that directs the AC-613 and AC-614 settlements, they are baptized with the name of Frank Acosta Pérez, who was born and lived in this province, fighting for the ideals of its leader, Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez.

He stated that Acosta Pérez was a meritorious local leader, whose work for the good of his region was recognized by undisputed leaders such as the former president of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía, and by the current president, Luis Abinader.

Francisco Guillermo García, addressing President Luis Abinader, affirmed that with acts such as today’s, it is shown that when the ears are placed in the hearts of the people, as the Government of Change does and will continue to do, the best results are reaped for good of all

The act was also attended by Melania Salvador, senator of the Bahoruco province; Juana Cristina Mateo, civil governor of Bahoruco; José Darío Cepeda, mayor of the municipality of Neiba; Pablo Ulloa, Ombudsman; Iván José Hernández Guzmán, executive director of INESPRE; Hecmilio Galván, executive director of the FEDA; Olmedo Caba, director of INDRHI; César Julio Cedeño Ávila, director of National Assets; Héctor Pérez Mirambeaux, director of the National Cadastre; Eliferbo Herasme, director of the Technical Unit for the Execution of Agroforestry Development Projects, among others.

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