"I want you to be released!", the desire of Tamara Dávila's daughter

“I want you to be released!”, the desire of Tamara Dávila’s daughter

The relatives of the political prisoner and activist Tamara Dávila remember that the opponent has not had any type of communication with her six-year-old daughter for more than a year. In a letter written by her minor, she expresses how much she misses her mother and the demand for her freedom to reunite with Dávila soon.

“Mom, I think of you every day. You are inside my heart, when I see little birds and butterflies I remember you. I learned the letters to write your name, I don’t remember much of your face, it’s been many days without seeing you… but I remember your affectionate green eyes. I want you to come back, to come to the house… for us to be together. I want you to be set free!” says the letter written by Tamara Dávila’s daughter.

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Through a video published on social networks, the relatives of the political prisoner denounce that Tamara was never given the letter sent by her little girl. The Ortega-Murillo regime denied that the hostage of conscience received the note. “She has been subjected to torture for more than 14 months, isolated in a cell and unable to see or communicate with her daughter,” express her relatives.

Támara Dávila demands to be able to see her six-year-old daughter. Photo: Internet

They reiterate that “girls and boys, of political prisoners, need and have the right to see and communicate regularly with their mother and father.” Recently the daughter of the opposition and member of the Blue and White National Unity (Unab) graduated from third level preschool; however, she was unable to be by her mother’s side or have communication with her.


Tamara Dávila is part of the more than 40 opposition leaders who were detained by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo prior to the presidential elections in November 2021. Through the hashtag #QueLesPermitanComunicarse, the relatives of the member of the National Unity Blue and White (Unab) insist on the demand to reunite the girl with her mother.

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The opponent was arrested on June 12, 2021. The Nicaraguan dictatorship decided to imprison Dávila for allegedly violating Law 1055 or Sovereignty Law. She accused her and sentenced her to eight years in prison for the alleged crime of “conspiracy to undermine national integrity” and “treason against the country.”

Since the end of May, more than a year ago, the dictatorship launched a voracious attack against its critics that ended in political trials where they were found guilty and sentenced to several years in prison, on average, the sentences are between eight and 13 years. from prison

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