"I thought it was $4,000 (Mexicans)": Colombian tourists 'knocked down' a singer in Sinaloa

“I thought it was $4,000 (Mexicans)”: Colombian tourists ‘knocked down’ a singer in Sinaloa

The young singer from the streets of Sinaloa ended up ‘knocked down’ by Colombian tourists who tricked her into giving her $4,000, for very little change.

The young street singer, in tourist areas with another person with a guitar in Sinaloa, ended up ‘lying down’ by Colombian tourists who tricked her into giving her $4,000, which in exchange was very minimal.

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Last week on the beach in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, a Mexican singer who travels through tourist areas and works that way, a group of Colombians called her, asked her for several songs and that they were going to give her $4,000 pesos, she thought it was currency Mexican, but they turned out to be Colombian.

That is, Colombian pesos, she received them because she knew that they were worth less than the local currency, but she did not think it was so little.

The difference is that at the exchange rate: $4000 = 24 pesos.

“Like who says, Rubí Estephanía came out broken,” he said amid laughter.

Although she, who is characterized by being a smiling, calm young woman, told the anecdote not bothersome, “This is what they call, we sing for the love of art.”

"I thought it was $4,000 (Mexicans)": Colombian tourists 'knocked down' a singer in Sinaloa
The Colombian tourists asked him to sing for a while and that they would pay him well, in the end, they gave him $4,000 from Colombia, which is enough for half a pound of papa, rice or about six eggs.

Although she did not make derogatory comments against those who ‘knocked her down’, thousands of comments on her Facebook where she uploaded the story, have criticized the actions of Colombian tourists.

What was very little there, is what in Colombia in some cases they give to artists like her, sometimes less.

Some say that perhaps they did not do it in bad faith and they paid him that thinking it was enough, but others recalled: «To enter, walk, be on the beach they had to exchange their Colombian pesos for Mexicans, so if they knew how the change would look », recalled a citizen.

For many, if it was a deception towards the singer.

Until now it is unknown if the Colombians had gone for a walk to that Mexican resort on the Pacific coast, or if they were residents of that country.

What happened to this local singer contrasts with the constant complaints of ill-treatment towards tourists and travelers from Colombia who arrive in that country. That is why they reproach them for apparently deceiving Estephanía with a ridiculous payment for the entire time that she was singing to them.

Well, normally he sings a song, asks for collaboration and leaves. If people want to continue listening to it, they must make a greater contribution, because that is equivalent to their time, travels.

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