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“I like difficult challenges,” says Suárez in his presentation with Gremio

Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez stated that he chose to sign for the Brazilian Gremio because he “likes difficult challenges” and wants to show that “he can play in a great team” that should never have fallen to the Second Division.

Suarez was presented last night to the fans in Porto Alegrewho took over the stadium of the Brazilian club to welcome him.

After being introduced to more than 40.00 fans at the Gremio Arena, the striker compared his arrival with the one produced by his signing for Atlético de Madrid. “I like difficult challenges, because I know that the Guild comes from series B, from a place where it should never have been ”, assured the striker when asked why he had decided to play for the gaucho tricolor.

“I compare it with Atlético Madrid, when the hegemony was Real Madrid and Barcelona and it was a difficult challenge. Maybe this one is more difficult, but I am convinced that there is an incredible team and coach and that we can do many things“Said the Uruguayan striker during a press conference.

Aware that he is not “the Luis Suárez of 2015 or 2013”, the forward player said that he will give his bestand promised “commitment, camaraderie, attitude, desire and goals”.

For the Uruguayan striker, the first big challenge with Gremio will be to qualify for the Copa Libertadores “and then look for it,” he said.

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The 35-year-old striker, who arrives from Nacional, will be linked to the Porto Alegre club until December 2024.

Suárez is the club’s most significant signing to date.

‘El Pistolero’ was a member of Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, his last club before returning to Nacional de Montevideo in 2021, with which he made his professional debut.

With the Uruguayan team Suárez played four World Cups, the last of them, last December in Qatar. He was crowned champion of the 2011 Copa América in Argentina.

Gremio, one of the most traditional clubs in Brazil and that this year returns to the First Division of the Brazilian Championship, it has already hired the Argentine Franco Cristaldo for this season, who signed until the end of 2026, and has the Paraguayan Mathías Villasanti in its ranks.

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