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“I feel sadness, shame and fear”

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"I feel sadness, shame and fear"

The Mexican from Ajax Edson Álvarez has written a ‘post’ in which he regrets what happened between the rival fans of Querétaro and Atlas: “Mexican football is lost”

Edson Álvarez regrets the sad show that Mexican fans have given

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Mexican football has given a very sad show this morning after the tragedy that fans of Querétaro and Atlas have starred in with a brutal fight that has ended with more than twenty injured and -according to unofficial sources- even more than a dozen dead.

The events have forced the federative leaders to cancel the rest of the day in the country. Regarding the unfortunate show that hundreds of Mexican fans have offered, the Mexican player of the Ajax Edson Alvarez: “I feel helpless, sad, ashamed and scared when I see all this. Mexican soccer is lost ”, he has written in a ‘post’ on Instagram.

The player has gone further by relating the violence shown to the situation that is being experienced in Ukraine after Russia’s declaration of war: “Now it happened in football, but with fear, uncertainty and violence people have to live day by day. day. I know worse things are happening in the world right now, but I see the event around the match as a reflection of our society.”

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