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“I don’t see any better semifinalist than Spain,” says Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique, former coach of La Roja, stated this Monday in a talk on the Twitch channel of the streamer Ibai Llanos that he does not see any of the semifinalists of the Qatar-2022 World Cup “better than Spain”.

“I feel that we lost a very good opportunity because the group of players was very good. I have looked at the semifinalists and I don’t see any better than Spain“, lamented the Asturian comparing the Red with Argentina, Croatia, France and Morocco.

Although the technician stated that He would like Argentina’s victory “for Leo Messi, for what it means for football”.

It was one of the confessions that Luis Enrique made to Ibai Llanos, whom he visited to chat for almost two hours in front of more than 350,000 people who followed the stream, the same day that Luis de la Fuente was presented as the new Spain coach.

“They presented him today, by the way I send him a big hug,” said ‘Lucho’, referring to his successor in office.

“Very nice, very prepared, a guy who deserves everything good that happens to him. Hopefully he can achieve many successes. A phenomenon, Luis de la Fuente ”, he praised him.

The former coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Roma or Celta de Vigo, also opened up about the end of his time with the National Team.

– “I would have made a change” –

“He had signed a four-year contract. After the European they told me that they would like to renew and I told them that it was better to finish the World Cup ”, he confessed.

“In my case there is no compensation, there has been no negotiation. They simply tell me that there will be no offer, so I don’t have to make any decisions. Super satisfied with what I have done and happy to have belonged to the National Team these four years“.

In the turn of regrets, in addition to what was said in the press conference after the elimination against Morocco, which should have given Pablo Sarabia more minutes -he sent a ball to the post in the last play of the match-, Luis Enrique confessed that he would make a modification in your list.

“I would take 25. There is one that I would not take. There would be a change. He would remove one and bring another, who was left out. There is a player that I would have liked to bring”, the former coach assessed.

The player who would surely not be left out of that list would be Pedri, as Luis Enrique said of him in the talk with Ibai that “he is Harry Potter”, even admitting that he is the closest thing he has seen to Andrés Iniesta.

As for his future as a streamer, he left a door open. “We have considered the possibility of doing one last stream“Lucho confessed.

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