“I don't know why I am on the list of 30 dismissed prison teachers.  I never held the position ”: Sebastián Pintos

“I don’t know why I am on the list of 30 dismissed prison teachers. I never held the position ”: Sebastián Pintos

Archive photo of the Santiago Vázquez prison
Archive photo of the Santiago Vázquez prison

On Thursday it transpired in the press that the Ministry of the Interior, by order of the minister Luis Alberto Heber, ordered the dismissal of 30 people with alleged teaching functions of the Training Plan of the Penitentiary Training Center, in a resolution dated October 15, 2021.

The teachers who were separated from their positions did not give classes or workshops throughout 2021, due to the pandemic, since of the 300 possible teachers only 10% have been able to teach lessons.

Although the Ministry of the Interior assures that the people separated from the positions are teachers, a particular name appears that generated noise for him: it is Sebastián Pintos, who was technical deputy director of the exComcar from mid-2017 to February 2020. But he never held the position of which he had just been fired and, therefore, never received any payment.

“I actually appeared in a resolution of the year 2017, but I was never enrolled in BPS and I never gave teaching hours,” he explained Sebastian Pintos in conversations with LARED21. “I was the technical deputy director of the exComcar. “When the Penitentiary Training Center was created by decree it was ordered that calls for teachers have to be open and public”

“In 2017, in the ministerial resolution they put me on a list of ‘possible teachers’, and I went and signed, but that does not mean that I was already a teacher from that moment, and that is why I was never enrolled I didn’t even give teaching hours in BPS. And, for example, in the resolutions of subsequent years I am not even there, “added Pintos.

The former leader, who is a grade 4 operator and a graduate in Political Science, says that he did not work as a teacher because the position he held demanded his entire working day.

Administrative errors and political overtones

Pintos confirmed to LARED21 that he received a file, but points out that it has vices and administrative errors on the part of the administration. Because in said file 30 people were discharged, but In his particular case, he did not even take office, from which he is now separated.

“Now my name appears and it seems very strange to me, and now it appears in the press. And I imagine that the thing comes from the side of Denisse Legrand, who has political overtones. I have nothing to do with it, and yet my name is circulating, ”added Pintos.

File No. 2021-4-26-0010896, to which LARED21 had access, indicates the names of the 30 people separated from their alleged positions, and has the signature of Minister Heber.

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