“I became like an animal”: the Cusco ripper accepts the crime and is sent to preventive detention

“I became like an animal”: the Cusco ripper accepts the crime and is sent to preventive detention

Marcos Aranzábal Tello (60) is convicted and confessed. The Cusqueño, a native of La Convencion, was arrested after stabbing, killing and dismembering his cousin Emiliano Aranzábal Vargas (72), whose body he threw in parts in different arteries of Cusco, causing astonishment and discomfort among locals and visitors.

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Evidence he left everywhere, such as stained clothes in the house he was renting, a kitchen knife and a stained grinder inside your premises, and finally videos captured of him, throwing the remains of his victim, ended up sentencing the hairdresser known as ‘Ruso’.

Right at your local haircuts, it was where the prosecutor in charge of the case, Fanny Quispe, believes the crime occurredThis is due to the evidence found at the scene, as well as the testimony collected from the perpetrator himself.


Emiliano Aranzábal had come to his cousin’s hairdressing salon, located on Calle Hospital No. 750 in the center of Cusco, where, after eating, he prepared to sip a few beers with his host, with whom, at a certain point in the meeting, he would have had a heated argument over a debt of 600 soles that was not paid Until now.

This would have been the turning point that precipitated the hairdresser to grab a kitchen knife and attack his victim when he was sitting on a chair in his shop. The prosecutor in charge of the case explained that Marcos Aranzábal furiously attacked his cousin, who, after death, undressed and cut into eight pieces.

The following morning, the perpetrator prepared to dispose of the body, throwing the thighs in a garbage dump in Sipaspucyo, the head and upper and lower limbs in a ravine called Cusillochayoc, and the thorax in a riverbed in Aranway. It is worth mentioning that this last part is not yet found.


In the hearing of preventive detention, carried out last Monday, the judge of the Second Criminal Court of Preparatory Investigation of Vacations of Cusco, Zulay Sánchez, accepted the nine months of preventive detention requested by the Public Ministry, mentioning that the detainee at all times tried to hide his crime and hinder the investigations, because after the homicide, he cut his cousin in parts and threw his remains in various places.

He then cited that although he has home and work roots in the hairdressing salon he ran for more than 10 years, he has no family roots of any kind,In addition to presenting a previous conviction and purging in prison for another homicide.

“I became like an animal”: the Cusco ripper accepts the crime and is sent to preventive detention

The judge finally stated that the accused had already confessed his crime, mentioning that he felt completely sorry and that he apologized to the relatives of his victim, pointing out that he did not know what happened to him at the time of the murder “I became like an animal”, He said it was his words.

Abel Aranzábal, son of the victim, attended the hearing on behalf of the aggrieved party, as well as his defense attorney, who did not object to the process or the determination of preventive detention for the accused.

Meanwhile police officers They continue to investigate the case to find the chest of Emiliano Aranzábal and with this complete the total recovery of his body after the attack of which he was a victim.

“I became like an animal”: the Cusco ripper accepts the crime and is sent to preventive detention


– A loan stub, where the names of both cousins ​​appear, as well as the amount of 600 soles, was found at the place of dismemberment; This evidence would be key to reliably determining the motive for what happened.

– Marcos Aranzabal Tello (60) he was already wanted by the justice for the crime of receiving, through a requisition order issued by the First Unipersonal Criminal Court of Cusco.

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