“I am responding well to treatment”: Egan Bernal's mother on her breast cancer

“I am responding well to treatment”: Egan Bernal’s mother on her breast cancer

Flor Marina, Egan Bernal’s mother, spoke on RCN News about her fight against breast cancer. He said he decided to shave “the day I was falling out too much, that day my hair was shedding and it hurt too much. It was a bit difficult, in fact, it was the step I was most afraid of.”

Regarding his treatment, he pointed out that “on Tuesday I had an appointment with the oncologist and told me that my body was responding well to the treatment and was reduced by almost half. They are two chemo and I am doing very well, so it was very good news.

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On the other hand, she answered the question of whether the most complicated day for her was when she was diagnosed with cancer or that of Egan Bernal’s accident.

“These days when they told me I had cancer I didn’t associate it so badly, but When they told me that my son could die or could be in a wheelchair, I felt that I couldn’t handle that. With mine I have all the faith and courage, but that moment I did feel collapsed.

Finally, He referred to the controversial trills that the Colombian cyclist has made. “I tell her to stop her, that she doesn’t get involved in that. And he tells me that she is for the country, that she is also her mother, ”she expressed.

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