«I am nobody to judge him»: J Balvin to apologize offered by Nodal for his 'tiraera'

«I am nobody to judge him»: J Balvin to apologize offered by Nodal for his ‘tiraera’

J Balvin and Cristian Nodal.

The Mexican regretted the song he dedicated to his colleague and the Colombian responded.

Colombia News.

The singer Cristian Nodal decided to apologize to J Balvin for having made a musical theme for him as a “tiraera” after the dispute that the two had on social networks due to the Colombian’s mockery of the Mexican for his “new look”.

In the middle of the concert, the young artist apologized and was sorry for “fighting” on social networks with his colleague.

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It should be noted that Nodal fans criticized him for dedicating “Girasol” to paisa, a song that according to him was not only addressed to the urban genre singer but to all those who criticize him for his tattoos and for all the mess of his breakup with Belinda .

Through his Instagram stories, J Balvin responded to this message from his colleague Cristian Nodal, a successful singer of the Mexican regional music genre.

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«I am nobody to judge him, he was having a bad time and I know you did it without bad intention»

“Here we are in good vibes. Peace … I am not the owner of the truth and I will never be, “said the paisa about Nodal’s repentance.

The Colombian artist stressed that they as artists were not to set a bad example and that it was part of their responsibility to convey the best to their audience, which are millions of followers around the world.

It should be remembered that this exchange of words between the two artists arose when the Colombian uploaded a photo to his Instagram account (which he has already deleted) of the new look of the regional Mexican artist Belinda’s ex-partner.

“Find the differences”, was the message he wrote in his post and his followers immediately tagged Nodal.

Then, the interpreter of “Adiós amor” replied to Balvin: “This dude hasn’t learned: he kicked you in the ass Residente and you didn’t learn, I think you even liked it, but you won’t like mine because I I wear cowboy boots, they are pointy, they hurt much more. You want to make fun, make people laugh, just sing live on your carnal Instagram, don’t upload things of mine, of people you don’t know.

The exchange of teasing continued and J Balvin reappeared in a video with a tattoo filter on his face that read: “Belinda”, Nodal’s ex-partner with whom the Mexican ended his relationship a few months ago.

The “duel” between the two continued and Nodal released a song, as a “tiraera” for J Balvin, a song that was released yesterday, June 4.

Finally, the young 23-year-old singer felt sorry for starting this dispute with the interpreter of “Rojo” and decided to apologize, forgiveness accepted by “José”.

Cover photo: @jbalvin @nodal

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