Hugo Velázquez forgot his role as vice president

Hugo Velázquez forgot his role as vice president

Traveling intensively in the interior of the country, to make his name resonate in each area of ​​Paraguayan territory, Hugo Velázquez carried out an early and premature proselytizing campaign, which apart from placing his figure as a presidential candidate in question, also casts doubt on his true nature. role within the public function.

Questioning why he is campaigning for the presidential elections, recalling his performance in the Executive Branch, it is inevitable to rethink whether the fact is not counterproductive within his role as vice president and second in office within the government of the country.

However, for the political analyst Marcello Lachi, the proselytism carried out is not strange because the role of the vice president is practically insignificant, since the National Constitution itself does not speak of any central aspect within their functions to think about something that may make it impossible to carry out proselytizing acts.

“He should only replace the president when he is not there, participate in an event requested by the president and attend the deliberations of the Council of Ministers. Beyond this, he has nothing else to do; he would only stay in his office, taking advantage of the use of the Internet ”, the professional slightly ironic.

With this, Lachi stressed that the vice presidency represents a useless position, a truth debated on more than one occasion, taking into account that the exclusive assistance of the person in his office cannot be sought, without any immediate task or obligation.

Marcello lachi

“Their function, basically, is to do nothing. He is the reserve player of a team that will never play, unless the starting player dies, “said the expert, explaining that, apart from questioning the timelessness of his campaign, the figure of Velázquez as a possible candidate should actually be discussed. presidential.

Lachi emphasized that a few years ago he was willing to sell Paraguayan interests in the Itaipu treaty, not to mention that he manipulates public institutions for personal interests; These factors constitute sufficient antecedents to displace him in social terms and represent a stronger questioning of his figure.

Lachi commented that, unlike Paraguay, in many other countries, the vice president is also the president of the Senate, precisely with the objective of giving him one more function.
“Cristina Kirchner, for example, breaks any decision in the Senate; In that sense, she has an established function, but here Velázquez does absolutely nothing. Saying it wrong and soon it is Marito’s vase ”, he pointed out.

Lachi commented that the proselytism carried out by Velázquez is nothing new, since the vice presidents constantly carry out their respective campaigns, while they are in “function” of their position within the Executive Power.

“In fact, there is no vice president who has not carried out an electoral campaign to seek the position of first president and we speak from the first vice president of the country, Mariano González. Then comes Ángel Seifart, Luis Castiglioni and Juan Afara; Federico Franco did not present his candidacy just because he served as president after Lugo’s impeachment ”, the specialist remarked.

On the other hand, the analyst commented that with Hugo Velázquez, the public should ask themselves if he actually represents one of the best proposals within the ANR, taking into account that in reality it shows a serious degeneration of its ruling class.

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