Huancavelica: Six years in prison for indecent proposal to a girl

Huancavelica: Six years in prison for indecent proposal to a girl

The judges of the 2nd Appeals Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Huancavelica sentenced Andrés Paulino Herrera Huaranca to six years of imprisonment, effectively, for the crime against sexual freedom, in the modality of Propositions to children and adolescents for sexual purposes, to the detriment of an 11 -year -old girl.

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Indecent proposal at a minor

The Public Ministry based the accusation on the events that occurred on August 6, 2019.

It was after 3:00 p.m. when the victim, along with her 7-year-old sister, went to visit her grandmother because she was in poor health.

It is during this visit that the sisters go to look for the cow that their grandmother had. That is why girls listen to a whistle and see a person who called them signs with their hands.

The minors approach to where the accused was, who was lying on plastic. The girls ask him what was going on with him? Why did he call them? To which the subject replied that he was calling his dog.

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Given this, the girls decide to leave, but the defendant retains the older sister, as he grabs her wrist and then proposes to have sex.

The child refused to the intentions of the subject, who said the indecent proposal in exchange for 10 soles. As the defendant did not release her, the girl told him that she was going to start screaming and asking for help, that is when the subject decides to release her.

Immediately, the minor reaches her sister, who was waiting for her several meters away, in a pot. Being together, the victim tells what happened to her sister, who in turn tells what happened to the father of the family.

The arguments of the Prosecutor’s Office achieved that the judge of first instance sentenced the defendant to 6 years in prison and the payment of 2,500 soles of civil damages.

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This result was appealed and, in the Appeals Chamber, the judges confirmed the conviction. It should be noted that three judges make up the Appeals Chamber: Jaime Contreras, Marisol Jaramillo and Omar Ramírez.

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