Huancavelica: Acobamba Police catches a thief who has a valid requirement

Huancavelica: Acobamba Police catches a thief who has a valid requirement

After coordinated work, police officers from the Acobamba Police Station managed to intervene and arrest a subject reported for robbery against a woman.

They arrest a subject who assaulted a female in Acobamba.

The detainee was transferred to the judicial police because he was also wanted for a case of attempted aggravated robbery.


In the early afternoon of yesterday, the policemen of the Acobamba Police Station received a telephone call, through which they became aware of an assault that occurred on the steps leading to the headquarters of the National University of Huancavelica (UNH), place known as Chilcahuaycco.

Given what was reported, the uniformed men went to the place where the victim was, who was assisted and transferred to the hospital in the province of Acobamba.

While being helped, the female told the police that a male person had assaulted her and taken her belongings.

After collecting the necessary information, the uniformed officers proceeded to search for the perpetrator of the crime.

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Thus, after a few minutes, the police officers obtained positive results for the location of the thief, who found the victim’s cell phone.

Given the obvious, the subject was arrested and immediately transferred to the police unit for legal proceedings.

It should be noted that the subject was identified as Josue HN, who, when searched in the ESINPOL Police system, tested positive for requisition for attempted aggravated robbery.

Likewise, on the case of the assault on the young woman, the Police reported the fact to the Prosecutor’s Office on duty; and about the current requirement that the detainee has, the police officers communicated to their colleagues from the Judicial Police for the proceedings according to the law.

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It should be noted that, after 12:50 p.m. yesterday, the subject was caught by the Acobamba police officers.

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