How will the weather be in February? What is expected in terms of rain and temperature

Temperatures will be normal in reference to the historical minimum and maximum of that month –leaving behind the heat waves that occurred in January– and with precipitation values ​​below normal that, in addition, will be distributed irregularly. It is due to the La Niña phenomenon that remains over the region.

La Niña is a climatic phenomenon that is part of the natural climate cycle known as the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). It appears when easterly winds intensify the flow of colder water from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

This causes a massive cooling of the surface of the Pacific Ocean near the Equator. Clouds and showers become more sporadic over the ocean, which can manifest in dry conditions in South America.

The meteorologist José Serra, indicated in dialogue with The Observer that February will be as follows: “Alternation between five days of stable weather and some episode of precipitation“.

Asked about possible adverse meteorological phenomena, he stated that we are in a period of great atmospheric variability, so There will be more and more – and more frequently – these types of extraordinary events.

The meteorologist stated that The country has been facing complex conditions since 2014, the year in which the temperature began to rise significantly. “It has been steadily climbing globally. Atmospheric variability leads to an incipient climate change to which we are exposed“, he explained.

In this line, Serra estimated that there may be a heat wave again –although milder than those experienced in January – in the northern and northwestern regions of the country. However, in general terms he assured that until now, February is presented with normal values.

The meteorologist mario bidegainon the other hand, agreed that the influence of La Niña, which includes a cold phase It will remain at least until the fall, globally.

February will have a lack of rain, which will last until March, according to their prospects. “We are not yet out of the risk of water deficitwhich has affected us since October”, recalled Bidegain.

In the south, the rainy will be normal for February, with accumulated monthly between 100 and 120 millimeters. However, the rates of humidity they will stay low.

The temperatures, according to Bidegain, will be “quite normal” for the date, with maximum between 28 and 29 degrees. He agreed with Serra that there will be no heat waves that there were in January.

In addition, the minimum will be below normal, due to lack of precipitation. In addition, they will record larger than normal thermal amplitudesthat is, very distant minimums and maximums during the same day.

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) indicated that the quarterly average temperature (January, February and March) is expected to be within the normal range and above normal, according to the Seasonal Climate Trends report. As for rainfall, it is expected to be lower than normal.

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