How to play 5 de Oro online and what numbers come out the most

The next Tuesday January 3 there will be a new 5 de Oro raffle, with a record revenge well of 140 million pesosand a total of $160 million in prizes.

The millionaire raffle was postponed in the last week of 2022 for prioritize the sale of tickets for the Gordo at the end of the year of December 30, indicated from the Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas to The Observer.

The wait between the previous 5 de Oro draw, held on Wednesday, December 21, and the new draw it will reach two weeksa long wait for the around $3.9 million at stake ($3.4 million rematch). In addition, you can only bet the five numbers necessary to win after the Gordo draw.

By the time the time comes, there are several ways to place a bet –which costs $60– in addition to the traditional one, in a kiosk or local collection that has the service of La Banca.

How to play 5 de Oro online and by cell phone

Telephones and cell phones with an Antel free contract can call 0905 0012 and place the bet. You can also use your cell phone send a message to 5577 with the five numbers, route for which first phone number must be registered with which the bet is made in a user of the online platform of La Banca.

Through that platform too you can place a bet online. For this it is necessary to have a linked credit card to service with the $60 needed to wager.

There are other ways to credit money to the personal account: bank transfers, call 0905 0012 to add $100 or through the “TuApp” application.

The Bank also has the application “Mobile Banking” for cell phones, which allows you to play 5 de Oro from there, with the same need to have credited money.

Another application that gives you the chance to play 5 de Oro is YourApp, both from the same app and from its message service. In the second case, it must send a message to 248 that says “5DEORO” followed by the five numbers with a space between each (for example 08 26 45 32 01).

The numbers that come out the most in the 5 de Oro

the website of The bench has the statistics of the numbers that were drawn the most times in the gold pools and rematch of 5 de Oro from September 9, 2020.

In it gold pot the ball that came out the most times in the last two years and three months was the 44, repeated in 42 draws of the game. Behind her are those of the number 10 and 18which came out 40 times each, followed by those of the 35 and 48with 39 repetitions.

On the other side, the least drawn balls in this pot are the 4 and 22which were only drawn 19 times.

In the rematch well the most repeated balls are the 36 and 41, with 32 times between the five numbers. They are followed by 21 and 30drawn 31 times, and four numbers complete the podium: 3, 19, 39 and 47all repeated 30 times.

In the other side, the 9 and the 10 were the numbers that came out the fewest times in the pot that will be drawn US$ 3.4 million next Tuesdaywith only 16 times inside the winners.

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