El 63% de los presos en Rafey son preventivos

63% of prisoners in Rafey are preventive

63% of inmates in the Rafey-Hombres Correction and Rehabilitation Center He is in pretrial detention, reported yesterday the attorney general of the Santiago Appeals Court, Juan Carlos Bircannwho recognized that the figure is very high.

The prison, with the capacity to 939 inmates, has 581 preventive prisoners and 339 convicted. There are 18 in maximum security cells and 35 foreigners.

The percentage of preventive, said Bircann, is due to the fact that the majority is complying with a preventive measure, has no roots in society or cannot pay economic guarantee.

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“There are people who do not have ties, that is, an individual who has committed a crime that is not very serious, who does not have a fixed address, who is not a well-known person, who does not have a professional seat, what ties he has, it is given on the run and that comes to swell that gray number of crime, “he said.

Regarding the bail, he indicated that many cannot pay it and sometimes, if it is not high, the Public Ministry assumes it. Otherwise, it doesn’t come out. Bircann added that preventatives ideally should be no more than 20%. but there are facts that are very serious.

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