How to pay domestic workers the June premium

How to pay domestic workers the June premium

In the month of June, the payment of the first service premium of the year must be made to dependent workerslike domestic workers. This premium corresponds to 15 days of salary per semester worked.

(Recommendations for you to properly use your mid-year premium).

Keep in mind that the omission of this payment can cause fines ranging from one to five legal monthly minimum wages in force. Therefore, below we tell you the steps to pay the premium to domestic workers.

1. Pay the service premium directly to the employee before June 30for the first semester, and December 20, for the second semester, according to article 306 of the Substantive Labor Code.

2. Calculate the base monthly salarythat is, add the monthly salary, the monthly transportation allowance, if received, and the average of other salary income throughout the period, such as bonuses and overtime.

3. Multiply the base monthly salary by the days worked and divide it by 360, total calendar days of work. This will be the total amount to be paid for the premium.

Finally, it is worth noting that this payment also applies to domestic employees who work only one, two or three days a week.

(Informality fell to 44.9% in the February-April quarter in Colombia).


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