How to collect a disability from IMSS?

How to collect a disability from IMSS?

What is a disability and what types of subsidies are there?

The IMSS defines incapacity when a worker is unable to work temporarily, due to suffering a condition derived from an accident or illness, or during the periods before and after childbirth in the case of insured workers, derived from Therefore, the IMSS doctor will issue a certificate of disability in order to justify your absence from work during the days required for your recovery.

Subsidy payments occur in the following cases:
*For General Illness
*Work risks

Requirements to collect a disability from the IMSS

At the IMSS window you need to present in original:

Official identification (INE and valid passport).
Document containing the Social Security Number.
Bank account statement (Not older than three months) where the CLABE interbank account with 18 positions and the name of the insured clearly appears.

This process can also be done digitally.

The use of the Advanced Electronic Signature (FIEL) is necessary, through the current certificates issued by the Tax Administration Service in favor of the insured.

For the cases in which you decide to register this service through the email enabled by your delegation, you need to attach to the following request:

  • Bank account statement where the name of the insured appears and the CLABE interbank account (not older than three months).
  • Official document containing the Social Security Number (ADIMSS, national health card, AFORE account statement, and employer registration).
  • Voting credential with valid photograph on both sides (Issued by the National Electoral Institute or the Federal Electoral Institute) or valid passport.
  • Request for Registration and Modification of Payment in a Bank Account (PDF).
  • The IMSS suggests on its website that the images be digitized with scanner equipment. Or, in case of attaching photos, check that they are legible with a good resolution, well focused (not blurred), without flash only with abundant natural light.

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