How many varieties of arepas are there in Colombia?

How many varieties of arepas are there in Colombia?

Valleuna arepa: It is very similar to the arepa paisa, the only difference is that it is a little thicker and can also be stuffed. Its cooking is done on a wire grill.

Boyacá arepa: This kind of arepa is perhaps the one that has a very particular flavor, since it contains a sweet and salty mixture, whose preparation takes a dough of wheat flour, precooked corn, panela, curd and salt. After it is shaped, it is cooked in a clay oven and is perfect to accompany hot drinks or portions of meat a la llanera.

Santanderean arepa: Its consistency has the following ingredients: yellow corn, cooked cassava and pork rinds, when the dough is obtained, it is cooked on a griddle that preferably has ashes dissolved in water, which is the secret touch of its flavor.

Stuffed arepa: It is common in fast food stores to offer a wide variety of stuffed arepas, and the most common are: meat, chicken, pork rinds, bacon, avocado, chorizo ​​and more.

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